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Child Custody Investigations

Many of our clients come to us because they are looking for professional surveillance. They want to know for sure what is happening with their child while they are in the custody of the other partner. Other clients come to us because they already have a child custody arrangement in place, but they suspect that the terms are being violated. A court-ordered custody agreement is more than just a suggestion: It is the law.

Sometimes, we find evidence for our clients that allows them to go back to court with documentation that these agreements are being violated. Other times, we find no evidence of wrongdoing. Both of these findings are helpful, since they allow you either to move forward with court action or to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your arrangement is being followed.



If you suspect your husband or wife is having an affair and they are displaying any of these behaviors, call Archer Investigations.  We will get you the information you need to know the truth whether you plan to file for divorce or not.  If you do plan to file for divorce, all evidence obtained during the investigation with be acquired with court admissibility in mind whether you plan to go to court or not.



Insurance fraud runs rampant in all parts of the country.  There are some private investigation firms who do nothing but insurance fraud investigations.  Most people don’t mind working hard for their money, but there are some unscrupulous employees that may fake or exaggerate an on- the-job injury in an effort to have the worker’s comp insurance company that covers their employer against such claims pay them a settlement or a continuous income.  Other than employees, your business may encounter some customers thatexaggerate or fake an injury in an attempt to sue your business and gain a huge settlement at your expense.  While some claims are legitimate, there is a large number of claims that are made by people just trying to get something for nothing.  A private investigator from Archer Invetigations can investigate the claimant and take steps to gather evidence that may be able to prove that their claim is false and frivolous.

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