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Skip Trace And Locate Investigations

What happens when a person completely goes missing? If that person is a debtor, a wanted suspect, or simply a family member who’s somehow disappeared, it’s imperative to locate his or her whereabouts as quickly as possible. That’s what skip trace and locate investigations are all about. Locating a particular person requires a specific set of skills, skills that are developed over a long career and many years of experience. National Business Investigations, Inc. is proud to offer private investigator skip tracing to anyone who needs a missing person recovered quickly.


At Archer Investigations, we pride ourselves on our expertise in skip tracing. Because of the amount of work and time involved, it is important to pick the right people for the job. That's why we guarantee that a licensed investigator completes every locate and skip trace investigation. With our dedication and attention to detail, we’re confident that we can provide the answers you need.

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