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What is a Digital Footprint Investigation?

A Digital Footprint Investigation is our way of locating and preserving any and all relevant information regarding the provided subject that can be located online. While anyone can conduct a social media investigation, private investigators have access to high-powered software that makes for a quicker, more efficient search. Our team of licensed investigators also have a strong understanding of ethics and know what data must be pulled for evidence to be admissible in court. Whether it is an infidelity matter, workers’ compensation case, personal injury, civil lawsuit, or child custody case, we will ethically and legally capture social media and internet information. 

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Background Checks and Digital Footprint Investigations

Types of Background

At Archer Investigations, we have a variety of options tailored to fit your various needs:

  • Full Background Target: This report includes criminal and civil records, current and previous address history, a full digital footprint report including relatives and associates, as well as property records and registered vehicle information.

  • Digital Footprint Target: This report contains any and all locatable online information pertaining to the provided subject and the investigation. All social media databases will be searched for the subject's name as well as any known aliases. Additionally, profiles belonging to family members and associates provided by our top-of-the-line database will be searched for any information relevant to the case. 

  • Quick Target: This report is for those that need assistance locating social media profiles belonging to the subject but wish to search the profiles themselves. Our team of investigators will provide direct links to any social media account located belonging to the subject. 

  • Criminal and Civil Target: This report consists only of criminal and civil records located for the subject. 

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