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Pricing and Services

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Quick Target:

This is our option for links to social media pages located for the subject only with no information captured or investigated.  


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Criminal & Civil Target:

This report consists only of criminal and civil records located for the subject. 


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Full Background Target:

This report includes criminal and civil records, current and previous address history, a full digital footprint report including relatives and associates, as well as property records and registered vehicle information.


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Locate Target:

Locate and Skip Trace investigations are $40 per hour with a minimum of three hours. This price includes all travel time and any additional purchases required in order to confirm the location of the subject.

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Digital Footprint Target:

This report contains any and all locatable online information pertaining to the provided subject and the investigation. (Including relatives and associates.)


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Medical Target:

A Medical Canvass begins at 20 facilities for $250. This can be any combination of facilities including hospitals, urgent cares, pharmacies, etc. After the initial 20 facilities, it is an additional $40 per ten facilities. 

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