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Medical Canvassing

A Medical Canvass is a tailored telephone investigation by trained analysts, in efforts to confirm or deny a pre-determined claimant’s association with a specific health care service provider within a targeted geographical location.

There are typically 3 results that will be obtained from a medical canvas that include:

  • Confirmed

  • Limited

  • No Results

Medical Canvassing is one of the most cost effective avenues available to document a claimant’s medical history.

Medical canvassing is useful in order to: 

  • Determine if the claimant received treatment prior to the accident. 

  • Pinpoint whether injuries occurred outside of the workplace/incident. 

  • See if the claimant has a history of injury claims.

  • Assess if the injury is actually related to the claim

  • Determine if the alleged injuries are part of pre-existing medical conditions.  

  • Discover undisclosed treatments. 

  • Uncover addictions or a pattern of drug-seeking behavior. 

  • Substantiate or disprove the claimant’s statements.

  • Reveal possible material misrepresentations about the claim.

  • Provide specific information about treatments received for pre-existing conditions.


HIPAA Laws and Canvassing

Because we are not obtaining actual medical records. which are protected by HIPAA privacy laws, we are able to gather information beneficial to the investigation, legally. Our team of Medical Canvass Investigators are trained on how to conduct the best investigation while also remaining HIPAA compliant. 

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